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By combining Simon’s experience in the restaurant industry (working with major hotel groups, hotel management companies and well-known restaurants), along with Kit’s marketing and sales experience including brand creation, this provides the perfect recipe (pardon the pun) for most managers/owner’s concerns.

  • We provide a positive alternative to the norm, where the norm often involves using celebrity chefs to increase a restaurant’s food offering profile
  • We’re ideal for owners who want the highest quality, served by trained staff at affordable realistic prices, giving more control than using ‘celebrity’ chefs who take charge and then fail to honour their SLA’s.

Where most concepts require huge investments in a chef, with their associated brand standards and exorbitant menu/décor changes, Fish & Chops offers a realistic ‘Out of the Box’ alternative. We provide professional management and concept flexibility and assess the current status to offer ideas to adapt both the décor and staff’s abilities to assist with the improvement and development of your business.


  • Increased implementation costs.
  • Celebrity chef’s pre-requisite demands with little or no brand support.
  • Having to purchase products through the franchise with no regard to existing buying channels.
  • Lack of flexibility of the brand concepts.
  • High costs, less profit and no realistic R.O.I.
  • High turnover but reduced profit margins due to the exorbitant costs, many of which are hidden.
  • Celebrity chefs not appearing when required or wanting additional fees.


  • Increase your company’s brand awareness within the parameters of our own flexible offering
  • Brand exposure improving Trip Advisor ratings and other SM performance feedback scores
  • Simplified, uncomplicated, lower cost implementation
  • Brand support with regular updates
  • Benchmarking success/improvements against agreed criteria
  • Good working relationships between owners/management

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